A dental crown is a protective covering. Of course, it covers the length and breadth of the tooth. The dental crowns buena park consultation also contributes towards restoring and improving the tooth’s appearance. That is something worth smiling about because with an improved appearance it will surely help to restore the patient’s confidence or self-esteem as well. But as they say; looks are not everything.

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More importantly perhaps, the dental crowns are not only protecting the existing teeth but also helping to strengthen it. It can be a temporary fixture, but as a permanent installation, the dental crown is fabricated to last for years. Dentists will usually prescribe a crown if an abnormally large filling had to be made or root canal procedure done. The crown is also used to hold a dental bridge in position.

It becomes a realistic looking replacement tooth that just happens to come with an implant. Crowns are also prescribed when teeth have become badly disfigured or discolored. Crowns are also known as caps.  Advanced materials are now being used alongside of the latest dental techniques to create custom made installations that are allowed to be durable and look quite lifelike. But before you get to that stage, your dentist needs to be the last arbiter.

Assuming damage has been done to the teeth, or decay has occurred, the dentist still needs to carry out a thorough dental exam. In this case, he will be making full his of his X-ray machine. Up close and personal, as they say. Once that decision has been taken to go ahead with crowns, the patient will be faced with a few options, ranging from the standard porcelain crown to the new Lave TM crown. Something worth smiling about, wouldn’t you think?